S t a t e m e n t

S t a t e m e n t

My work reflects my life and what surrounds me: the physical environment, relationships, transitions and the cultural role of being a woman.

I am interested in blurring the line between contemporary art and craft by combining installation, fiber arts, printmaking, photography and performance.  Recently my ideas have included all of these disciplines and developed into the genre of short film.  This new work has given depth to my practice and creates narrative with costume, character, landscape and familiar objects to present a visual dialogue questioning patterns, expectations and the ordinary.

I work outside of my comfort zone, always pushing further than what I believe to be possible, take risks and delve into the unknown. My practice is experimental, I trust my intuition and choose materials considering their function, historical relevance and metaphorical meaning.  

I strategically weave themes of fairy tales, art history, contemporary culture, fashion and my interest in social behavior. Through the process of construction and deconstruction my work reveals the co-existence of vulnerability, struggle, isolation, seduction, beauty and human endurance.

I believe in the emergence of a more conscious and empathetic social paradigm,  a shift toward a more maternal order of things, and art as a necessary means of human connection.